Showers to the People!

For those of us who live in homes, we can take for granted the ability to bathe and put on fresh, clean clothing. This can be a daily struggle for those without. Whether one showers to feel refreshed, for personal health, or to present well to loved ones and for interviews, Showers to the People! seeks to meet this need in a manner that provides dignity to those served.

Showers to the People! consists of the shower trailer and van, and the community of people who utilize and support the ministry. It provides showers and basic necessities, such as clothing, toiletries, and freshly-prepared meals to those in need.


Showers are currently not operating. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Donations we utilize most:
Body Wash
Other Toiletries
Financial Donations for Van Upkeep and Repairs

Showers to the People! volunteers fulfill a variety of roles:

  • After each shower, a volunteer cleans the bathroom so that it is disinfected and welcoming for the next person.
  • Hot food and packaged food is lovingly brought and served.
  • Volunteers donate and distribute clothing.
  • Footcare has been a part of the Sunday showers at Corie Ct. Here dedicated and skilled volunteers provide examinations and appropriate treatments for various foot ailments. (Discontinued due to Covid-19)
  • Spending time and building relationships with those who utilize shower services is an important aspect of how we show up.
  • Bringing and distributing clothing.

If you have other services you would like to offer (haircuts, massage, etc.), please let us know and so we can integrate your talents at showers!

Go here to sign up to volunteer on particular days!